Prime Compression Socks

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These Stanno compression socks reduce moisture and swelling, which ensures that wearing these socks has a preventive effect against injuries. The pressure that compression socks exert on the lower leg provides benefits in various sports. In this way, the blood flow to the heart is optimized. The compression socks have a preventive effect against calf pain, muscle strains and cramps. The socks can be used on a daily basis, for example when practicing a standing profession. In addition, you use these socks as support during sports or as recovery after your sports activity. The socks have a snug fit due to the high stretch content and the anatomical foot. Special yarn is used in the footbed with nanofront that provides an anti-slip function. Another advantage: the socks are quick-drying. Take care of your legs and feet by wearing these socks!


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Prime Compression SocksWhite
Prime Compression Socks