Planet APS

Tuotetunnus (SKU): 286016-2100-5 Osastot: , Avainsana tuotteelle

Derbystar makes it possible to play football with a durable match ball! Quickly Discover the Planet APS! No fewer than 11 PET bottles have been recycled for this hand-stitched ball. The outside of the ball is made of Japanese PU, of which 45% is recycled PET bottles. The lining is made of polyester, of which 80% comes from recycled PET bottles. The bottom layer of the ball is laminated with natural latex from rubber trees, which ensures sufficient stability and good jumping properties. The unique “Null-Flügel-Blase” of the ball ensures that it retains its round shape at all times. This is made of natural latex. The size of this ball is 5. Of course, the quality of this durable ball is equal to the balls you know from Derbystar, and so this ball has excellent flight characteristics. Sustainable football has never been so easy. Quickly score your new favourite ball, the Planet APS!



Planet APSWhite-Green
Planet APS