Blaze Goalkeeper Gloves

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The Blaze Goalkeeper Gloves are the absolute top gloves from Stanno. They have an extra large foam surface of Hyper Foam Plus. Hyper Foam Plus is an ultra-soft, thick foam that provides even more optimal grip in both dry and wet weather conditions. The gloves have a negative stitched rollfinger construction at the thumb and little finger. This way the gloves fit perfectly on the hand! The hand is also completely surrounded by foam. The foam surface on the inside of the hand is enlarged even further, making the surface to catch the ball even larger. The silicone design on the punch zone and fingers ensures a more controlled punching of the ball. The One Piece Fit design also guarantees an optimal fit around the upper hand. The use of a wristband is optional. That is why the Blaze Goalkeeper Gloves are equipped with a detachable, elastic wristband, which is ideal for printing your name, for example.


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Blaze Goalkeeper GlovesOrange-Black
Blaze Goalkeeper Gloves